This collection of clocks is derived from the project the “the collector” in which I examined the human phenomenon of collecting. They are moulded and sculpted in “Cowdungpulp”, which is a method I developed, inspired by the adobe building culture using clay, paper, starch and in this case, peat and let it harden only through the drying process.

The clock details are taken from antique clocks that I started collecting as part of the fieldwork involved in the project. The design is inspired by well known clocks in our design history. Such as the pendulum is a my version of the thypichal gold painted pendulum clock that was a common interior detail in swedish livingrooms in the sixties. Today they are more likely to be found in fleemarkets and antique shops.

Till en älskad vän, Bällstaån

Spelrum, Larsbergsvägen 40, 42, och 32



Berit och Dagmar





jag delar alltså finns vi

When death do us part


Insekternas kollektivbostad

To a beloved friend – Till en älskad vän

Ma Stärnliden – part of “Till en älskad vän”

no title

stoneware on wall

Hush Tile

Ceramic Clicks


Cow Dung Lamp

Cow Dung Furniture

Hyacinth in Clay

Cultured Cattle